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How to Analyze & Sell Apartment Buildings
Seminar Topics (Apartment Buildings 101)

This seminar is an introduction to the basics of marketing apartment buildings to provide you the necessary information and tools to professionally present and analyze investment opportunities to investors. You will learn to analyze investments, understand "Positive Leverage Financing" and A-B-C Property Type Cap Rates. Make more money in less time and also increase your closing ratio!

Seminar Includes:
Understanding of A, B & C property types, as they relate to your market using active listings.
Financing Options for short term and long term fixed rates.
Appraisal Operating Expense Guidelines and how it applies to Cap Rates.
How to calculate Cap Rates for A, B & C property types.

What is Positive Leverage Financing.
The basics to prepare a Broker Pricing Opinion (BPO) and Marketing Package

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